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From Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic’s Industry-Leading Sponsors

describe the imageKeiretsu Forum chapters attract a wealth of sponsor organizations, professional services firms, colleges and universities, incubators, commercial real estate firms and other private equity funds, angel investment groups and venture capital investors.

We make it a point to attract sponsors and partners who bring significant value and a willingness to invest their time in helping both our angel investor members and presenting entrepreneurs grow and prosper.  These are industry experts with the knowledge and experience that results in smart startup business development, smart investment decisions and smart, professional relationships.

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic’s sponsorship program is ideal for service professionals in any field, but especially in the legal, accounting, banking, public relations and advertising, real estate and human resources sectors.  For more information, go to our page on the benefits of becoming a sponsor with Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic.


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