A Worldwide Range Of Angel Investment Opportunities

Carefully Vetted To Complement Quantity With Quality

It just makes sense: More opportunities = better investments.

Since Keiretsu Forum's founding in 2000, our members have invested over $900 million in 800+ high-growth companies from a myriad of industries, including software, telecommunications, health/life sciences, biotech, real estate, mobile applications, internet, consumer products and other high growth areas.

It’s important to note, quality of investments is never compromised to favor quantity.  With Keiretsu Forum’s commitment to Investment Cultivation and Smart Money Due Diligence, you never have to worry your quantity of investment opportunities outshines their quality.  With Keiretsu, quality and quantity come together.

The sheer range of carefully vetted opportunities available through Keiretsu Forum ensures that you have access to the best available angel investments throughout our Global Investment Network.

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