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Keynote and Panel Session – 2019

Keynote Pannel

Harvesting Tech Transfer for Fun & Profit

Many of the companies we invest in, especially those in the Life Sciences Silo, have their origins in the labs and accelerators of hundreds of colleges and universities here in the US & Canada.  Designated research institutions must work to commercialize these inventions and many Keiretsu members have focused their efforts on extracting (licensing) the developed IP and creating investable business entities.  Our world class panel will explore this process and recount some of their most successful startups.

Keith Marmer, DPT, MBA, Executive Director, Associate Vice President for Technology & Venture Commercialization, University of Utah
Keith’s passion for innovation has helped countless ideas get the momentum they need to succeed.  He has three patents, launched four companies, and helped entrepreneurs raise more than $500 million in investment capital. 




Bernie Rudnick, Managing Member, Capgenic Advisors
Bernie may be the most successful Life Science focused angel investor on the planet, having substantial experience investing and guiding investments in entrepreneurial companies, he has led capital formation and merger transactions totaling in the billions. 




William Hearl, Ph.D. CEO, Chairman & Founder, Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.
Dr. Hearl is the founder of ITI and is an experienced and successful life science businessman and serial entrepreneur.  Bill is adept at brokering mutually beneficial partnerships and identifying non-traditional collaborations and investment opportunities.



Over the last 9 years of Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic's active investing we have met and invested in a number of incredible entrepreneurs who have successfully harvested IP from universities and gone on to create amazing companies.  Our mantra – "We invest in Jockeys not horses" is certainly alive and well in this space.


Keiretsu Forum Academy
Investor Workshop

Alternative Group Investment Vehicles

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic pioneered the Single Purpose LLC to help new accredited investors build their portfolios quickly but the cost of maintaining the LLC and the burden of annual K1s can be cumbersome.  Join us as we explore alternative investment vehicles that just may turn out to be newest innovation in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 

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