Your Return On Investment Is Cultivated By Keiretsu

Investment Opportunities, Vetted & Elevated With Your Success In Mind

The quality of your angel investing pursuits is directly dependent upon the quality of the investments available to you.  To ensure you’re getting the highest quality deal flow and return on investment, Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic’s growth-oriented angel funding philosophy is driven and supported by our unique Investment Cultivation process.

The entrepreneurs who are chosen to present at our Forum meetings must pass through two scrubbing and screening processes — first, an initial pre-screening and second, the more in-depth Deal Screening.  During these vetting phases, appropriate industry experts meticulously assess the quality of prospective presenters’ business plans and stability of their concepts.

If their businesses are deemed worthy of investment traction, these driven entrepreneurs are provided with strategic coaching and guidance on presentation best practices.  Not only are we assisting these startup and entry-level businesses through this rigorous process, but we’re also ensuring that our angel investors are presented with the best possible investment opportunities.

After the initial presentation, this cultivation process continues with in-depth due diligence reporting, legal assistance with investment setup, ongoing mentoring services and exit strategy design.


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