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Giving Students Real World Knowledge And Experience

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic is proud of the quality angel investment opportunities that it provides its angel investor members.  It’s proud of its provision of quality deal flow, made possible by an extensive sponsorship network of industry experts, its commitment to attracting, screening and guiding innovative entrepreneurs and its dedication to methodical due diligence.

Our Due Diligence Fellowship Program, created in July, 2011, was the first formal program of its type to be established in active angel groups.  Initiated in the Philadelphia Chapter, the program recruits Law, MBA, and Medical students to engage in the due diligence process.  This not only helps them fulfill their fellowship requirements, but the program also establishes mutually beneficial relationships between the students and Keiretsu’s investors and entrepreneurs.  The DD Fellowship program was pioneered with Drexel's Thomas R. Klein School of Law and has expanded to include graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, West Chester University & Columbia Medical School.

The Fellows attend the monthly screening and Forum meetings held in Philadelphia, where they observe the entrepreneurs’ presentations and participate in the discussions with the chapter’s investors.  The students then indicate which projects interest them and are assigned to a due diligence team led by one of the investors.  Over the next few weeks, the students assist with the due diligence process.

President Howard Lubert also conducts a workshop to teach the students the rigorous due diligence process that Keiretsu Forum follows.  The students also receive continuous training and feedback from the due diligence team members and the chapter leaders throughout the program.

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